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St Marys CE Primary Lewisham

 Please see our Collective Worship Policy below:

Collective Worship policy Oct 2017

The Children’s Faith Group lead Worship

St Mary’s enjoyed a special worship led by the children from our Faith Group. The theme of the worship was the Bishop of Southwark’s Lent Appeal. The children explained how Bishop Christopher has chosen some charities to support. In their Faith Group meetings, the children decided to support the Bishop’s Lent Appeal by organising a cake sale. We are very proud of the children who planned, prepared and delivered a really interesting worship.

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Ash Wednesday Worship

We marked the beginning of Lent with a special worship held in school, led by Father Steffan and Reader Marion from St Mary’s Church. Children and staff had the option to receive an ‘ashing’, with the sign of the cross being made on their forehead. We also shared a sign of Peace with each other. During Lent we will be preparing for Holy Week and reflecting on the school value of ‘Forgiveness’.

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Candlemas Worship

We celebrated Candlemas with a special worship in school. We focused on the theme of light and started by reflecting on how lights can help us in our lives. Year 6 read from the Bible and children from Year 2 dressed up to bring the story to life. The Baby Jesus was taken to the temple by Mary and Joseph when he was 40 days old. Simeon and Anna recognised that he was a special baby and Simeon said “For now I have seen with my own eyes your salvation, which you have prepared for the whole world to see; a light to bring light to the nations and to be the glory of your people Israel.”

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Prayer Day 2019

On a beautiful autumn morning, the school community visited St Mary’s Church for our annual Prayer Day. This provided a chance to reflect in a peaceful space and to learn that prayer can take many forms. Our school values, which lie at the heart of our vision for wellbeing and learning, were embedded within the activities. The event was planned, organised and led by the children from our Faith Group. We are very proud of our Faith Group children, who presented ideas for new activities and voted for their favourites. Many thanks to our Governor, Chris Stringfellow, who planned and led the musical activity in St Mary’s Church therapeutic garden. Each prayer station was led by two children from the Faith Group and we were pleased to welcome parents to the Prayer Day. The four prayer stations were:

  • Love – children shared the special prayers that they had written on hearts and reflected together
  • Forgiveness and Peace – children reflected and prayed for forgiveness, symbolised by the washing of special stones that they had written on
  • Faith and Respect – children wrote prayers on petals linked to our school values and added them to ‘values flowers’ to make a colourful display
  • Responsibility – children created musical prayers to show appreciation for the world around us

Harvest Worship

The whole school shared a special worship together in St Mary’s Church, led by Father Steffan. Each class had beautifully decorated a Harvest box filled with generous donations from our families. Thanks to everyone who contributed, the food will be shared with LEWCAS to help support asylum seekers. Father Steffan helped us to reflect on everything that we should be grateful for in our lives. Children from Year 5 delivered the Bible readings and used drama to retell the parable of the ten lepers. At the end of the worship, Father Steffan blessed a special Harvest loaf, kindly made by one of the parishioners. This Harvest loaf was shared by all of the children.


St Mary’s School Eucharist

The children and staff from KS2 took part in a Eucharist service, held at St Mary’s Church. Father Steffan explained the significance of the bread and wine, making reference to our Bible reading about the Last Supper. Three children shared their prayers, before the bread and wine were brought up to the altar by two Year 6 children, to be blessed by Father Steffan.

The children had been prepared for this special worship and all children who have already received First Communion were invited to receive the bread. The other children, with parental permission, were offered a blessing. Many thanks to Father Steffan (and Father Steve who helped to organise and prepare the children) as well as Mother Sarah from the Good Shepherd Church, who joined us for this very special Worship.


School Council Worship

The children from our School Council planned and presented a special worship to highlight our ongoing Road Safety campaign. They gave an update on the actions taken so far and shared the actions that they are fighting for. The School Council handed our local Member of Parliament, Vicky Foxcroft, a petition that they have prepared, containing over 500 signatures. The worship included drama and poetry, written by the children. The Bible reading was from Hebrews 11:1 “Faith makes us sure of what we hope for.

Pentecost Worship in St Mary’s Church

The whole school were led in by Worship by Father Steve and Father Steffan. We were very proud of the children who helped by lighting the candle, delivering the readings and sharing the prayer that they had written. Father Steffan spoke about the energy that electrical devices use and linked this to the events of Pentecost.

A week of worship at St Mary’s

Please click on the link to learn more about the many forms that worship takes at our school.


Star of the term

At the end of the Spring term, we celebrated the achievements of the children in a special worship. ‘Star of the term’ awards were given to children for outstanding behaviour and attitude to learning throughout the term. Certificates and prizes were also given for Gymnastics, Chess, Maths challenge, Recycling and First Communion. The winners of the Easter bonnet and Easter egg competitions were chosen by our elderly visitors from Bentley Court.


Carol Service at St Mary’s Church

We were blessed with a truly wonderful Candlelit Carol Service held at St Mary’s Church.  A peaceful atmosphere helped everyone to reflect on the Christian message of Christmas as we celebrate the gift of God, his son Jesus Christ, born on Earth to live among us as a Prince of Peace.  Each class in Key Stage Two performed a fantastic choral reading as they recounted the key events of the Nativity, their teamwork was perfect and they delivered their Bible passages professionally.  We all enjoyed singing the Carols that also remind us of the special events that happened 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem.  Thanks to the team at St Mary’s Church for supporting the service and to everyone who attended and contributed to a very special occasion.

Faith Group Worship

Our Faith Group led a whole school worship on the Bishop’s Lent call.  They spoke to us about the importance of the work that he is doing in Zimbabwe and Sri Lanka and how it is helping families to flourish.  The children told us about a cake sale that they will be holding to raise funds.

Celebrating Achievement!

Every week at St Mary’s we hold a special Worship to celebrate the children’s outstanding achievements.  Just before Christmas there were many certificates and awards to give out as we recognise children reaching their full potential.  These included Young Leaders, Pen Licenses, Attendance, School Council and ‘Star of the Term’.  As part of the Worship, we give thanks for the gifts we have been blessed with and reflect on the values that have guided the children to achieve so highly.


The children in Key Stage 1 dressed in their Easter hats for a parade as part of a colourful Worship.  Key Stage 2 took part in an Easter Egg competition, as you can see there were some amazing entries.



St Mary’s school community joined together as we celebrated Harvest worship at St Mary’s school, led by Father Steve. We reflected on how we can show Love for those in need in our local community as we share the generous Harvest  donations that each class has collected.  A member of the congregation at St Mary’s Church kindly baked us a Harvest loaf, which was shared with the whole school community.


Ash Wednesday

The School community learned about the meaning of Lent, a time of reflection and repentance, in worship led by Father Steve and Reader Marion from St Mary’s Church.  All members of the School community were invited to receive an ‘ashing’ as a symbol of this important period in the Church Year.


Reflective worship

Reflective Worship develops the children’s spirituality through providing a peaceful space in which to reflect.  The children are seated in small groups around a candle and Bible passages and short reflections are shared, making connections to our School Christian values.  Time is given for the  children to reflect on their own responses to what they have heard.


Remembrance worship


The School Community of St Mary’s have been reflecting on Remembrance as we commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the end of First World War.  We were led in Worship by Father Steffan who shared stories of those who sacrificed their lives and helped us to reflect on the search for inner-peace, guided by readings from the Bible, building on Jesus’ message of Peace.  The whole school held a minutes silence.

The children have also been reflecting on Peace as it is our value of the term.  The children in Year 6 have written some lovely poems which they shared in the Worship.

Bible passage for reflection:

Isaiah 2: They will beat their swords into ploughshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.

In this Bible passage, God is sharing his vision of peace, through a powerful image of metal swords (used to kill) being turned into ploughshares (used to prepare the soil to grow new crops).

Peace worship Father Steffan


We welcomed Father Steffan from St Mary’s Church to lead our worship on Monday 5th November.  The focus of the worship was our value of Peace, and how we can find peace in our own lives.  Father Steffan shared prayer beads from a range of Religions (Islam, Buddhism and Catholic) and discussed how people with these faiths use them to reflect, pray and find inner-peace.  Father Steffan then led the children in a period of stillness, silence and reflection.


Year 1 Class worship

Year 1 shared some of their learning in their class worship. They told the story of Rainbow Hen using actions. They also sang a beautiful song about the planets in our solar system.


Year 3 Class worship – rocks and fossilisation

In our Class Worship, we shared our learning on rocks and how fossilisation happens. We also learnt about prehistoric times an created our own cave inspired paintings with oil pastels and casts of fossils.

“I liked that we shared our learning through singing lots of songs.” Jaswin

“I liked it when I sang and danced to our fossilisation songs.” Esther